Stoepid is My Kind of Stupid

I have had some truly insane ideas in my time. Like thinking I could solo Mt. Hood’s Reid Headwall two days after my getting my first ice axes. That’s the bad kind of stupid. But this thing that the folks at Stoemper Bikes put together is the right kind of stupid. Or what they’re calling Stoepid. What is their audacious goal?

Quiet simply it is to ride five classics in seven days. They are

  1. Gent – Wevelgem
  2. The Tour of Flanders
  3. Paris – Roubaix 
  4. Amstel Gold
  5. Liege – Bastogne – Liege

For those keeping track at home that’s 1230 km on some of the hardest courses on the World Tour. These fellas are riding the races we love to watch because they are HARD, and doing it on a week, with only two days of rest. Ballsy and stupid. So stupid I love it. A plan such as this can only bring about the type of enlightenment that your Author is constantly seeking.

As you read this post these very Gentlemen are marking their way across the cobbles of Paris- Roubaix. It will probably be raining and they will most definetly be sore. So tomorrow, as I suffer my way through a series of threshold intervals I will pause and doff my cap to these Men, undergoing the type of suffering I one day hope to experience, and so should you.


Makes my heart race just looking at these stones.

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