The Tommeke Tornado

Quick note: This blog was meant for yesterday, but my attempts at scheduling it apparently failed. I meant to not post today, as I spent my writing time catching up on the action in Paris-Nice and writing in my journal. Apologies. 


What to write about? Hmmm… Well, Spartacus won Strade Bianche in his usual style, which is good because I would have to see another photo of him sprinting from the hoods. Not to say time trailing away from your competition isn’t impressive, but really watching him like this has become — dare I say — boring? Wiggians is the current leader at Paris – Nice, but I’m sure something will happen and he’ll end up on a lower step. Hmmm.

Oh I got it! Boonen, otherwise known as “Tornado Tom” notched his 100th career win. Which is pretty amazing. But what’s even better than amazing is the season he’s having. Five wins this year, which includes winning the tour of Qutar. After a few years of injury, crashed cars, coke and young girls it seems Tom is back to his old winning ways.

This is good for Boonen and this team Omega-Pharma/ Quickstep. It’s also good for us fans of PRO cycling. Imagine the epic battle that will ensue when an “on form” Boonen meets on “on form” Canellara. It’s going to be amazing I think!

Great battles like this are good for cycling. Which is in desperate need of help. My last post on McQuaid and his “management” of the UCI and global cycling was a complete failure that I don’t care to revisit. Others have covered that better. What I will say, is that all this talk about race radios, where races should be, and whether or not they should be “World Tour” races, is a distraction from the fact that there are few great champions left. You might be able to blame the system, but few riders are willing to take huge risks for the sake of doing something great. It’s all about the points, which net the bigger contract, which leads to the forming of the potentially disastrous “super team” Like BMC.

Speaking  of BMC, Tejay Van Garderen is high up in the GC at Paris – Nice. Could it be that a youngster, who has pancahe, be the savior of the super team? Events this week will reveal all. What do you think?

To end, here’s a video of Tornado Tom winning Roubaix.


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