A Step Beyond.

Two weeks have now passed since I under took the task of a twenty plus hour training week. You may recall that I named this training sabbatical “PRO week“, and that I took everything off my plate, including this blog (by the way you can re or reread the post from my amazing guest authors here, here and here), so that I may “train my ass off”. I finished the week with a little over 23 hours of saddle time. Which is just a bit shy of what I was going for, but come Sunday there was no way I was getting any more out of those legs of mine. Still, that’s a fat chunk of hours for an aspiring Cat 3 racer (is there even such a thing?) The week was filled host of long, fun rides, and rain, lots and lots of rain.

I said that I fell short of what I thought I could do, but it can’t be doubted that I stepped beyond what my mind thought my body was capable of. Which is what this thing is all about. Moving myself to a different — better — place than I was before I started down this path. I’m not sure if I got there, or if I’m getting there. I will probably never know. At least not until the moment is in my deep past. Sometimes we’ll never know if we got there until we’ve long passed the place we wanted to be.

I do know that I gained a new found confidence on the bike. At the race on Sunday some guys gave me shit about my handling skills, after a junior brake checked me, still my handling skills are seem to be years above where they were last year. I seem to have regained a bit of the handling I had during my messenger days. I also know that I gained a bit of fitness and even though I picked up a cold by over reaching like I did. A cold that probably erased most of the fitness gains I made. But the mental boost I’ve made will hopefully far exceed the physical gains I made.


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