End of the Slow Season

My PRO week coincided (and not by accident) with my last week of base training. While this current week is still technically part of the base cycle, it has become time to dust off my racing legs and start building toward my big goals for the season. Though the PROs have been racing for weeks now, the OBRA road season doesn’t start till Sunday.

This year, as last, I’m starting with Cherry Pie. Unlike last year, I actually have an idea of what’s a head. I’m excited to apply the lessons I learned during my first year of racing. Not to mention the last three months of training. I’m mentally fresh, stoked and resting my weary legs. I’m coming into this season with a much higher level of fitness and a renewed confidence in myself.

That last point is the most important one. Last year was my first full year racing and I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous, and not in a very good place mentally. Those conditions lead to mental state that was not conducive to racing. By the end of last week, when I did a little recon of Sunday’s course, I was at my limit. My legs were more tired than sore, There was some high end in my tank. But there was also a constant reminder of the hours I’d ridden earlier in the week. I’m not exaggerating when I say I found my limit, but I also found something else.

A new found belief in myself. One of my biggest limiters is a lack of faith in myself. This is probably the number one reason you don’t see this authors work else where (that will be changing soon, but I’m keeping that close for the moment.). I don’t work hard enough at getting myself out there. What’s that got to do with training my ass off and racing my bike?

Just look back on some of my past posts and there you will find the answer. The mind is primary, and I needed to prove to myself that I could set a goal, in this case upping my total training load by 50% and putting in a HUGE week, and follow through with it. Right now I’m feeling good, getting closer to my race weight, healthy and ready to embrace whatever suffering this year’s racing has for me.

Here’s to the end of the slow season.


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