That First Long Ride.

At this point, I’m half way through my base training. Things are progressing nicely, and after a secession of rides in the four hour range I’m ready for a bit more time in the saddle. Up to five hours I go — starting next week, but this Saturday I took a small taste from the cup of the long ride. This much time in the saddle is integral to achieving my goals this season. However, if you’re thinking that five hours is a long time for this author to be alone with his thoughts you should rest your worried mind. I have teammates to distract me from my thoughts.

We’re a new outfit over here, and though I’ve ridden with most of these  guys before, this was the first time we’ve had most of the team together. For those interested can be found here, if you’re of the details type that is. Details are nice — needed in fact. But in the post workout haze, as I celebrated the birthday of a friend I realized that my mental capacities were starting to fade as our game of Apples to Apples dragged on. In the moments before my mind faded I took the following note on my phone.

The first long ride of the season strips you of everything. Leaving you a tired mindless mass, only capable of consuming calories.

To which in my head I just added “sometimes to excess”, but that’s a distraction. The crux of this situation is that you sometimes have to write down all the ideas that came to you while you were capable of advanced thoughts. These “troubles” aside, it makes me happy knowing that soon I will be spending long days cruising the amazing roads this town has to offer. Sometimes with teammates. Sometimes with friends, and hopefully plenty of time alone.

After a long day...

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