The Fix is In.

No, I’m not talking about the current curflufle about the 2010 L-B-L. The fact Vinokourov thought to buy the race is so old school that I can almost applaud it. Better than doping I say. Hell, in the past even race organizers have tired to fix races. No, the fix I’m talking about the fact that Worldcom, I mean Qwest… no I mean Centurylink has sent a new, working modem to my house and power of the internet is now only limited by the very machine I’m typing on. Which actually limits it quite a bit.

As for the actual race fixing I’ll send you over to cyclocosm where you can read and watch “How the race was won”. I will say that he may have bought the race for a mere 100,000 euros, both him and Kolobnev had to bust their ass to get into that position. That’s it really. By the by, how did the “journalist” get these emails between the two¬†protagonist?

So while I get back to work on some things that actually matter you can watch a clip from said bought race below.


3 thoughts on “The Fix is In.

  1. I like Cosmo’s points a lot, about how the mainstream cycling media ignored the way the race actually played out and instead hyped the ex-doper. As if he had just rode away from the field halfway through the race and soloed to win. Its silly. The whole “scandal” of him supposedly buying the race is equally ridiculous, as you have to get to the point where you can buy a race in order to buy it. And they still put on a good show. So who cares? I am not a Vino fan but can’t condemn him for this win. Even if he bought it.

    1. i should say, even if he bought it from the one other guy in a two man break. my money would’ve been on Vino in that situation anyways.

  2. I agree completely. It took skill/balls/whatever to get himself in a position to “win”.
    What I have been thinking about since writing this is: that they should both have their results voided, though we both know that never really happens.
    Fact is, race “fixing” happens, but you still shouldn’t get caught.

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