Directionless and Drifting.

Not a whole lot has been going on these pages. Last week was the first time I neglected to post anything. I just couldn’t find anything to write about. I was writing, just not here, or anywhere really. I haven’t lost the drive to keep up this blog, I’m just not sure what to write about. In the beginning it was stories about my own riding, racing, and personal struggles/delights that came with chasing those pursuits. That was fun — for a while.

Over the summer I opened a dialogue with a writer I respect. I don’t think its too far a stretch to say he’s become a mentor to me. He has been very gracious with his time and advice and I appreciated greatly. Our interactions have changed the way I feel about writing. He’s challenging me. Which is what I want. In both my racing and writing.

One of those challenges has to do with the content of this blog. This writer and I were talking about process and content. When it came to writing about myself he had some hash words. Saying that no one cares about what’s happening with my riding and racing except for me and those who care about me. Adding that they’re “just postcards from other people’s holiday.” That hurt, and it took me a long time to respond. It took me a long time to see the light of that comment.

Knowing that my friends and family are reading is great. I could never thank them enough for that support (especially  blambrix, who has humored my numerous emails and typos and at times stopping me from posting something totally out of my wheel house.) But the end goal is to grow this beyond my circle of friends.

That is the primary reason for the recent shift from the personal to the PROfessional. With that switch has come a precipitous drop in daily page views. Which can mean a few things.

  1. That the people who have been reading don’t give a shit about PRO cycling
  2. My “analysis” of PRO news is so far off base that readers have just given up
  3. I’m only a good (meaning passable) writer when I’m writing about the extremes (examples can be found here and here)

There is a fourth factor at play here. One that I consider far flung. I… let’s say eavesdropped (only in the way social media allows you to) on a twitter conversation where Bill Strickland was counseling a blogger, telling them that consistency trumps good copy. I haven’t been consistent since I started working and maybe people are tiring of that. That could be true, but I’m willing to bet that one of my favorite blogs  has more readers than I do barely posts. His blog is just that good.

All of this goes toward saying that I’m not entirely sure where to take this thing. I’m not sure where my own creation wants to go, let alone where it should go.

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