Racing School: Where Do I go from Here?

My first season is now long dead and dusted. I said I was going to write up something about it way back, a month and a half ago) when it ended but I just never got to it. It’s taken a while for me to figure it out, though I’m not sure I have a hang on it now. Check that. I know I don’t have a hang of it now.

Just after picking up a prime at the Tabor races.

I lined up for my first races nervous as all hell. My heart rate was through the roof, around 120, every time I toed the line.

Eventually it resided and buy the end of the season I was lining up, cool as a cucumber, my heart sitting somewhere around 100 bpm. For reference, my just standing around HR is around 58. But really non-of that matters.

I was unsure of what to expect when I started. I knew it would be hard. I wanted it to be hard. I got what I wanted.

For the majority of the season I was strong enough to place in the top 10. However none of that mattered. I didn’t have the skills needed to finish that high. I failed to respond to attacks that I could have easily followed because I thought “I didn’t have anything left”. In truth, there was more than likely more than enough in that tank to follow. It wasn’t until the final six weeks of PIR that I finally figured out where to I had to sit in order to be well positioned for a final sprint.

When I started the season I thought I was a “climber”, and that I would do my best on the hillier courses. What I learned in the course of charging hard over several races was that hills are not my strong suit. Instead it was the flat, powerful courses where placed my highest.

Still, what matters the most is what I learned about who I am. Truthfully I still don’t have an answer to that question. Meaning I don’t know what I learned. In the end, the things that sabotaged my chances of placing higher, or winning are the same things that sabotage me in my “real” life.

And that’s all right, because there is plenty more to learn and countless miles to figure it out. Want more than that? Need this post summarized in a few bullet points? Here they are.

  • Racing Bikes is Hard
  • Racing Bikes is Fun
  • Riding Bikes is Hard
  • Riding Bikes is a TON OF FUN
More to come…

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