Falling Leaves.

The PRO season is almost over. In fact, it ends on Saturday with the Tour of Lombardy (Actually there is a race the day after, but really who’s paying attention to the Chronos des Nations). Which is good, because I can’t really get up and watch races any more. It makes me late for work. It’s also good, because DAMN would my legs be tired (even if it was my job) after racing for ten straight months.

This being not only my first season racing, but also the first time I’ve paid attention to any race other than the Tour, its been beautiful watching people watching people put themselves in the hurt locker because they love it (and get paid wonderfully as well.) Now they just have to kit up and do it for our enjoyment one more time.

The Tour of The Falling Leaves was first run in 1905, with Giovanni “The Red Devil” Gerbi taking the win. Since then the race has seen riders taking multiple victories. Gilbert has won the last two years and Damiano Cunego won the two years years before that. In fact, the results show that the winners often manage to drop the hammer the next year.

Even though he’s having the kind of golden year that only comes around once in blue moon, don’t count on this being an easy win for him. If this year has proven anything, its that the favorite doesn’t always get his way. I mean this year we saw a domestique, who was sent up the road to help the World Champ Thor Hushvod. Maybe this year Gilbert will be neutralized and we’ll see another surprise winner.

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