A Temporary Change of View.

I’ve been told I have a problem. Mainly having to do with that little piece of machinery that sits atop my stem. My Uncle had no problem pointing this out to me. Telling me “You know what your problem is? You spend too much time looking at this damn thing”, as he held the object of my attention in front of me.

I know I’ve talked about this before, and I really believe that as we came to the end of season I was much better at not paying attention to it. Though it may have had something to do with my free fall during the TT at the Eugene Celebration.

This has been the view nearly every time I've looked down during the last 11 months of rides (That's a lot of miles 5208.66 to be exact)

In the end I will admit to going a bit over board. Always “watching” and worrying about blowing up, when I should have been trying to bury myself. Lesson learned.

However during the last two weeks I’ve gone without the trusty Garmin. Instead I’ve been slipping it into my jersey pocket and just trying to take it easy. That’s what the off-season is for. Regular readers will note that I’ve attempted this in the past, and it was fun to just ride, though I often found myself looking down where the computer would have been.

This time was a bit different as I did my best to just go on feel and notice what was happening with my body as I rode. Yes I still had the data, but it was nice to see something else for a change. Like the scenery.

Then I read this great little post on the Rapha site and decided to go out on Friday without a heart rate strap on or a computer in my pocket (ps: The author of that post has a great blog that has nothing to do about bikes, you should read it). I did panic a little on my way to meet Doug. I wondered if I should turn around and grab what I’d left behind. I let it go. Then I wondered if I should maybe turn on the Strava app on my phone. You know, just so I would know what loop we rode. But then I let that go. It was tough.

Soon I was rolling along, not worrying about a whether data was being collected or not. We were out (on a damn hot) Friday afternoon with little traffic and great roads.

Forgot what it was like to be out in the middle of the day.

This past two weeks of riding by feel has been nice, but now its time to get back at it. Prep period for next season starts tomorrow.

Back to the weight room.

This was nice for a bit...time to start the foundation for next season.

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