Racing School… The Last Month.

While there have been no racing school updates over the past month there has been some racing. For the most part, this has been in the form of Tuesday night PIR races. The reasons for this are two fold.

  • There are no road races after May. Here that! NO! ROAD RACES AFTER MAY. There are stage races, which happen to have RR stages, but they aren’t true road races.
  • I’m not that big on Crits.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way here’s the skinny on what has happened.

Larch Mountain Time Trial: 

I choose this race because it was twenty dollars, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than the 140 dollars it was going cost (not counting housing) to race Cascades. Next year, next year.

The Larch Mountain TT is a 16 mile up hill time trial. I felt good, had some (but not a lot) form and I went for it so hard that I went the wrong fucking direction, loosing some time. To add to this trauma, I unwittingly sent my Garmin up the mountain with my jacket. That’s ok, I had a watch… which I didn’t start right away. I did however start it in the fist mile.

When I reached the top of Larch my watch read 1:03:57. Not too bad. The time OBRA had for me was 1:12:4…something. That’s a pretty big difference. Hope they get it together for the TT stage of the Eugene Celebration.

Tuesday Night at PIR:

Here are my results from the last three weeks

7/26: 7 of 17

8/2: 11 of 31

8/9: 5 of 33

Not a bad set of results, considering how I was racing at the beginning of the season.  Something is different. I haven’t quiet put my finger on it yet, but something is different. I’m racing in the way I’ve wanted to all season. I’m getting in, and making legit breakaways. Scoring points and racing like I care about what happens.

Sure its a Tuesday night training race and the results don’t really matter, but I’m finally starting to cultivate what I’ve wanted all season. My form is coming in and I’m excited about what I’m learning, not only about racing, but about who I am — who I’m becoming as a person. This is an exciting place to be.


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