Hey! Where’s my New Post?

Dear Reader,

It was not an accident that you did not find “Double the Speed of Wheels” in your RSS reader of choice today. I would like to say that the author of this internet publication is still adjusting to his new work schedule. However the truth is that he had the day off, but managed to squander it on things like going to the movies and washing his bike.

The author did make a good faith effort to post today, but found that what he was writing was heading off in a direction different from the one he had intended. Which is a long way of saying that the writing suddenly became “funny”, meaning there was some humor involved and not that it started hanging out in discos all night. As such, the less than esteemed Author is hoping to publish this bit of humor someplace else. But failing that it will soon find it’s way to these very pages.

The Author will be back with more stories of suffering, racing, and making a total ass out of himself on Thursday and Friday.

Thank you for weathering this storm


The Author


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