Some Hero Shit.

Andy Schleck performing "Some hero shit" (photo from rueters)

A while back, during the Tour of California in fact, I posted a open letter to Mr. Andy Schleck. Who I might add (though I should have to.) is currently sitting pretty with a yellow shirt on and holding a stuffed Lion. Though it’s improbable that Mr. Schleck read my letter,  I like to think that when he attacked with 60k to go he had “Hit ’em up” running through his head. Because that’s what would be playing in my head.

Still I’ve got to tip Cuddles. Its going to take Schleck riding so hard that he nearly dies. I’d like to see that. It would be, as my co-worker Ben put it: “Some hero shit.” Ben was talking about his ride yesterday, but he needs to pull that out again tomorrow. Either way it’s going to be exciting. Hell, I’m even going to wake up early on my day off and watch, and even I think TT stages are boring.

I hope to pull some of that same magic out on Sunday when I tackle the OUCH!

Speaking of co-workers, I started a new job last Thursday, which is full time. Which also means that I’m not just sitting here in front of the computer, or out riding my bike. There’s the reason for the lack of posts this week. I have to work out a new writing – working and training schedule. But I’ll be back at next week.  I have some posts in the work and I’ll try to get them queued over the weekend.

Dinner’s ready and after that I need to put some sexy new rubber on my wheels.

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