More Hero Shit

Yesterday I talked about Andy Schleck taking control and showing us “some real hero shit”. I neglected to mention another hero from stage 18, that was Cadel Evan’s ride. When he dropped the hammer to save his tour, not caring that he was dragging along most of his main competitors. That’s how you reach up and take control of your destiny. That’s how we should all hope to live our lives.

He showed moments of his drive when he played it right and nipped Contador at the line in stage four. That day he put his stamp on this tour. Saying: I’ve brought my A Game, I hope you did too.

Fighting till the end. photo: steephill

On Thursday, when Andy finally decided that it was time to attack and not look back, all of the favorites stared at each other as Schleck slipped away. Frank had no reason to do anything other than suck wheels. However, all of the other major players had something a stake. But no, they all sat there, looking at each other, waiting for someone else to pull the danger back.

Evans was watching is his chances slip away. Finally he said “fuck it” and took control. Single handedly taking two minutes back. That took some courage. If you want to win you have to be willing to take risks, you have to be willing to step up and take control.

Cadel taking charge. Photo from

Evans did just that and today he was rewarded. But he didn’t start today with everything locked up. He had to pull out the big stick once again, AND be willing to beat himself with it. HARD.

Cadel started today 57 seconds down on Schleck. After his brilliant ride today is now comfortably in yellow with a 1:43 cushion. Tomorrow he will sip champagne knowing that he not only achieved his goal, earned it. That’s how its done.

A true leader leads from the front and Cadel lead from the front. That’s an example we should all follow.

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