Author note: I started this post Sunday evening while on the Amtrak Cascades line. It was my hope to finish it when I got home But that didn’t happen. Right now I’m too tired and lazy to do any more editing. Thanks — Bob


Don’t let the lack of Racing School posts fool you, there was racing this week and I was there. Never one to shirk the truth, I will say that it did not go well. That was to be expected since I was putting the final touches on my last build period of the season.  Starting tomorrow (I’m writing this while riding Amtrak from SEA to PDX on Sunday) I begin to taper for the last “A” races of my season.

This week is technically week four of four for “build 2” which means no Tuesday Night races and nothing but easy rides to and from work. Commutes if you will.  There will be one “hard day” in there as I try to bust ass from work to an appointment I have to keep on Thursdays. This “busting” will serve as a bit of tune up before I partake in “Ouch”. Which is a sixteen mile time trial up Larch Mountain. It will hurt, and since it’s a time trial there will be no tactics, no drafting, no one to shift the blame to for a bad performance it’s just me, Larch, and beautiful pain and suffering.  I’m excited… and ready.

I’m not sure what to expect out of this last third of the season. For some reasons all of the one day races in Oregon end after the spring is through. From about June forward there are fa few stage races, and a ton of Crits. While I’m working on changing my perspective on Crits, I still think that I’m much better at the longer road races.

My dislike of them aside, I have no problem throwing myself into a Crit. I hear a lot of people talk about the type of rider they are. Hell, I’ve made pronouncements like that before. But the truth remains: If I want to move up in the Categories on points then I need to learn how to sprint. I have sprinted before, while on attack, and once for points, but in all honesty 98% of the time I’m coming into the line I’ve got my head down and I’m in full on TT mode. I’m hammering a way, not sprinting. You better believe there’s a difference.

Thor Hushvod’s performance on Friday. That was some awsome hammering. Not to mention the fact that he won with style.


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