Racing School: Rose Festival Crit.

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I’ve been slacking and let almost week pass without posting any race reports. Look for two posts today to cover the last two races. First up is the Rose Festival Criterium, which was held on Saturday 2 July.

I’ve bitched and moaned about Crits before. This was my third crit this season and if you recall I spent the first two off the back and chasing, or getting pulled. I’ve also complained about them not being my strong suit. That was a just an excuse. Something to make up for the fact that maybe I wasn’t just trying hard enough. Without having ever tested it I assumed that I wouldn’t be good at crits (not that I did that well this one.). I pretty much took myself out of the game before it had started. I lined up this intent on not getting dropped.

The course is held in a part of town known as Swan Island. It sounds like it would be a nice place, but it happens to be the home of Portland’s UPS and FedEx warehouses. In other words it’s just an office park. Which, aside from a lack of spectators, is pretty much an perfect spot for this kind of thing. The course had only two real corners separating the straightaways with a long sweeping bend bringing it all back to the finish.

There’s not much else to report. The highlight being that I finished in the middle of the pack and was able to pick up several places on the final lap. It all comes down to positioning, but more on that in the next post.


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