Getting it Done.

Hands up! photo: Graham Watson (taken from

That picture you see above is of Tyler Farrar taking a much deserved and well earned victory in today’s stage four. Farrar took the stage with the help of perfectly executed lead out train populated by the likes of David Millar, and World Champion, who is currently wearing the yellow jersey. For me (and this blog) the important thing here isn’t how Farrar won, but how what has over come to get there.

Back in November Tyler came down to Portland and did a Q & A with Hedi Swift. It was a pleasure to hear him speak about his experiences racing and living Europe, but what I noted most was his very un-sprinter like demeanor. By all accounts he is one of the nicest PROs around. Bonnie D Ford wrote about him here (and here) .

You’ll remember that Farrar best friend and training partner Wouter Weylandt died (I wrote about it here) in a crash during stage three of this year’s Giro. After an emotional stage four Farrar packed his bags and left the Giro to grieve for his friend. He could have easily called it a year after that. Team Boss Jonathan Vaughters even gave him the room to do as such. But he didn’t, he dealt with his pain, then got back up and did the work that needed to be done. He’s converted his pain into two stage wins in the last six weeks. Today’s victory comes after many close calls.

The lesson here for us in the non-pro, but still serious trainers set is that when things it becomes even easier to throw in the towel. That’s one way out. The other way is to buckle down and keep fighting the good fight. That’s what I’m taking from Farrar’s victory today.

Congrats Tyler.

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