69,307 FT.

Rapha is at it again. No, I’m talking about their habit of charging ridiculously high prices for their packs and bags, but with another contest which will bring suffering to all those who fancy riding up hills.

Over the winter it was the Festive 500. The contest at which I failed miserably. Now its the Rapha Rising.

The goal: Cover the same amount of elevation gain as the PROs will over the course of nine days in the mountains. That’s 21,125 m, meaning 69,307 ft for those who aren’t metrically inclined. That’s a lot of gain. That over two times the size of Everest. The link between the two being that some feel they need to dope in order to get to the top (supplemental oxygen IS DOPING!!).

I’m going to fight the good fight on this one.  Part of the contest is posting your progress, which I’ll be doing here. Look for a ton of posts over the next 22 days. Some will be pictures, some will be words, there might even be a drawing or two in there. Hell I might even grow a goatee and wear a bandanna. Yeah I think that will help. Without the coke of course.

Taken from sdbikecommuter.com

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