Quads Meet Bat.

No racing this weekend, though Ben Dewey and the Lady accompanied me to a race for the fast kids last night. Don’t let the lack of race miles fool you though, my first thought this morning (which I voiced aloud) “My quads feel like they were beat with a bat”. So while I didn’t race (this weekend) I did get some high quality training miles. Here’s what it looked like:

Mon: Rest
Tues: 4×3 minute intervals at 100 -105% LT or 94 -96 % my Max HR
Wed: Race at Mt. Tabor. This gave me around 25 minutes @ threshold
Thrus: easy ride, but a bit long
Fri: 25′ at Tempo
Sat: 4 group ride: Varying intensity up to super threshold.
Sun: 2.5 hours alone on some new roads.

That was some quality training. It felt good, meaning that it hurt. I know that it was good because of how I feel today. I know guys who cut their volume come race time, keeping it light throughout the season. I also know guys who just hammer all year long. Me, I do my best to set myself up for a peak. This has “worked” in the sense that my best results or when I felt my best. This means that I sacrifice better performance in most of my races because I’m tired from training. This is a sacrifice I’m willing to make. This is what I’m going through right now.

This could be delusion, but I feel my lack of top five results has more to do with my total lack of race savvy.  In bike racing fitness doesn’t matter as much as one would think. How much can you stay out of the wind, can you fight and keep the front five wheels? Can you time your attacks at right moment, jumping when everyone else is sitting up, or making them hurt when you do? Ok, that last part has to do with fitness, but more mental than physical.

Those are the most important things. Fitness is easy to come by learning to play the game, that’s a bit harder. Gaining the required mental fitness to turn the screws is even harder.

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