Racing School: Mt. Tabor Series #1, In which I make a move at the right time

Mt. Tabor #1
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First the excuses. I was tired from completing my first set of full intervals on the bike the day before. I’m trying to loose weight, as such my glycogen stores maybe a bit low. Now for the truth. Given those factors I didn’t have too many matches to burn. The important point is that I did burn them, or rather the one.

Since this is called Racing School I need to talk about what lessons I learned today, there are two that stand out, but first a lead in.

This is the same course that I raced a couple weeks ago at the Mt. Tabor Circuit Race. Since I knew the course, and had a good idea of where to attack, I had no choice but to test these strategies. As such I managed to lay down one attack, at the right time non-the-less, and manged to cross the line first on the first prime (pronounced preems, from the French) lap. Netting myself a pound of esspresso and a gift certificate for the Laurelhurst Cafe. A prime is sorta race inside of a race where either points or prizes are awarded to those who cross the line first on said lap. Wednesday that was me.

During the lap I hung near the back of the front group, since I’m still a bit uncomfortable descending at 30mph next to a bunch of dudes. After the descent I knew I had to start up the next climb in the front four or five guys. As we hit the hill everyone shifted on to the 39 and started to relax into the climb. As the front bunch sat up I came to the front, cursing my luck (though I’m not sure who I thought I was thinking I was going to win in a sprint) I decided that I just had to do the work from the front. I’ll admit that I was a bit panicked as I could feel the guys behind me breathing down my neck. Within about two hundred meters from the line I stepped up and moved Sur La Plaque. A gear jump like that hurts, at least it does for people like me, but I hung on mouth open gasping for air, drool dripping from my mouth. I’m not sure what the gap was, but I think my unexpected move was enough to get me that pound of beans.

That concludes lesson #1: If I attack at the RIGHT TIME I can put some hurt down.

Whatever confidence that gave me was soon squashed as I attempted to recover on the next descent. My recovery was a bit light and I lost contact on the descent. From there on out it only got worse, which is accounted for in my result.

Lesson #2 Recovery during a race is different than recovery when you’re out there alone slaying yourself with a series of intervals. In the later you sit up (but keep pedaling) and watch your heart rate drop. In a race, the leaders dictate the recovery pace and the price for slacking off is to get dropped. Time to modify the training.

Over all I’m happy with the fact that I made a move at the right time and picked up free pound of beans. The mental boost from both of Wednesday’s lesson is huge. Time to carry that those through the rest of the season.


3 thoughts on “Racing School: Mt. Tabor Series #1, In which I make a move at the right time

  1. Woot! Nice work!

    1. Chris! Thanks a ton. I perhaps should reserve my gushing for an email, but I miss you! We should get a drink soon.

      1. I was thinking the same. Chicago next week; maybe after that?

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