Racing School: Mt. Tabor Circuit Race

For those of you who showed up yesterday hoping for the latest installment of Racing School and instead found my open letter to Andy Schleck, I am sorry to have left you wanting. Here is this week’s installment.

Mt Tabor Circuit Race
7th of …. 17

Not a great result huh? Top ten yes, but given the size of the field you can’t say I  placed that well. However the pace was high and the course was fun. The front group opened up such a gap that I thought I was in last place. I feel glad knowing that I contributed to keeping the pace high, even if I ran out of gas on the last up hill.

That paragraph makes it sound like I’m making excuses for my poor performance. That’s not true. I can assure you that I screwed myself out of a better result. My race buddy Doug made a move on the last lap. I couldn’t follow, even though I was conscious of the act that if I had gone with the move that it would have been the winning move. Doug hung on until the last hill when he was caught by the group. He was out there alone for a majority of the lap. I should have stood up and gone with him, but I didn’t think I could and that’s where I lost.

I also wasn’t helped by the fact that in my attempt to catch a guy on the first lap I over shot him and ended up using a match I didn’t have to burn. Finding myself with a gap (again) I tired to make the best of it, but knew that without a partner I was just going to waste a lot of energy. I sat up. Always a learning process. I need people to work with in order to make a move stick. Maybe.

The guy who won the race came up to me, saying that “It was nice to race with you, but I couldn’t let you get away, our friend Tim (Rapha Tim) said that if you can get away that we’re not going to catch you. I was yelling at everyone telling them that we had to catch you.” If others believe I can escape and stay away then maybe I can…. The mind is primary.

That put the cap on my fitness for this second peak of the season. It was a bit derailed by the tendinitis, but that is life when you start ignoring the warning signs. This week is a rest week and the next week starts a new round of training with a ton of racing.


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