Racing School: Tuesday Night PIR. Making Moves.

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Yesterday was my best result on a Tuesday night yet. I’m pretty stoked considering that I have had zero intensity in the last three weeks. I know its not an amazing result. But given the percentages, I’m ok with it. I also came with in two places of picking up some points on the hot lap. I found myself in that group by accident. I decided to not look a gift horse and made a go of it. I have to work on timing my sprints. I had a good wheel, but left it a bit early. Some day I’ll get the distance right. But what I’m really stoked about happened on the first lap.

I normally line up close to the back of the pack. That’s stupid and I know why I do it. I curse myself for it after every start. The front is an in interesting place. No wants to be on the front, they just want to be “near” it. Sometimes they want to be near it so bad that they are willing to sprint up next to you, attempt to squeeze you off of your wheel so that they don’t have to do any actual work. I gave that kid a talking to. He tried to “apologize” , but I told him that if he wanted it bad enough that he should just take his damn turn at the front. That was all in the first K.

On the back stretch, where I’ve “attacked” before I said “fuck it”, (either out loud or in my head…I’m unsure which) and jumped. It was fucking awsome. Not the power I put out, but the fact that I actually had a jump. Looking at the data, I see that I hit just over 33 mph on that jump. I looked back to see if I had gotten clear, or if I had managed to drag everyone with me, which is what usually happens. Looking back I saw no one. Not a single person had followed. I put my head down and tried to go into time trail mode, but since I’ve been lacking on intensity I wasn’t able to hold on. Two guys from the same team bridged, but one of them wasn’t willing to work and we were caught.  We’ll see what happens when I gain back some of the fitness I lost during my injury rehab.

Over all the knee felt good, not perfect (I’m a bit sore today), but good. Despite the fact that I was worked up on the ride up there. I’ve been eating too much and as such I was choking back a bit of vomit on the ride up. I know I should have turned around, but trust me. I needed that race. NEEDED it! I think that riding 50 minutes up to the race track helped more than it hurt, allowed me to be pretty warmed up when I got there. That no doubt helped.

One thing that definetly needs to be worked on is the mental game. I probably could have placed better if I hadn’t defeated myself mentally in that last sprint. I have to eliminate the “I can’t do this” from my mental vocabulary. The mind is primary.

I’m looking forward to getting better and starting to race again. I’m working on getting my positioning right and I think that with a better timing and some more cooperative break mates I can make a move that might stick.


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