It’s all Around You.

Inspiration. It’s everywhere. Or at least it is for me at the moment. I feel like I’m surrounded by it. I’m lucky. I know this seems out of character for me. Mostly I write about feeling bad, about beating myself up. If I do write about a good feeling it always has something to do with being in the saddle. But follow me here. Right now inspiration is everywhere. It’s always there, I just have to keep seeking it out.

Sometimes it comes from a well executed commencement speech. Sometimes it comes in the pages of a magazine. Right now I’m finding it in the pages of this Clive James’ Cultural Amnesia. Reading great writing inspires me to write. Great writing reminds me why I love writing so much. Why, since as far back as  I can remember, I’ve been driven to write. To me the best kind of inspiration comes from seeing friends going after and getting what they want, even if their blog is kicking mine’s ass.

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