Racing School: Things to do When You are Injured.

No racing this weekend. I did go for a very misinformed long ride with two teammates on Saturday. I paid the price. I have a hard time getting somethings through my thick skull. Admitting that I’m really injured and need to just sit down, stay away from the bike and rest is hard for me. Moderation and rest are not my strong suit.

I’ve been hinting at it, but haven’t spent anytime talking about it. While I can’t afford to go to a qualified professional and get a true diagnosis, several others have suggested that I have a bit of tendonitis in my left knee. This means that it hurts to walk, ride and sometimes just hang out. It also means that I have the time and energy to put my efforts else where. Here’s a short list.

  1. Spent time with your Girlfriend: Given the fact that I’m (at this moment) not going for three and four hour rides on the weekend I’m hanging out at home a lot. I like it. I think she likes it. Its all good.
  2. Read: Yes, I’m currently reading my way through all of those, as the mood strikes me. Well, I finished the magazine the day it came. I’m excited about the new Bicycling(maybe I’ll do a review).

    Read as the mood suits you.
  3. Write! Yes I this even when I’m not injured, but now I spend most of my day doing this. Have to say I like it. Even if I get a lot of story ideas during my rides (here’s a short easy to grasp explanation as to why this happens). Between writing at (nearly) every morning, working on blog posts, a big project I’ve started, and my notebook every evening, I’ve been writing a lot and it seems to be helping me access some of those ideas that come to me on the bike. Just like training for a race, you have to put the time in.
  4. Make some tasty food! After my acupuncture treatment last Monday my friend (who stuck me full of needles) suggested I back off on eating grains for a few week. Apparently they exacerbate the inflammation. Since everything is made out of some type of grain (in our house anyway) I’ve been forced to step out and find some tasty snacks. Like these Quinoa Coconut Bars. These are tasty little snacks. I plan on making some that are better for on the bike food.

    Don't eat too many of these. They are packed with calories as well as tastiness. You've been warned.
  5. Look for a real job: I don’t get paid for these pages and I need to pay my bills.

That pretty much brings us up to speed. I’m going to skip out on this week’s race with the hopes of getting better and regaining some of the form I had before this injury laid me up. There are some races in Bend I’d like to do well in. Time for me to elevate, ice, heat and repeat.

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