Chromoly Spindles

I haven’t ridden in three days and the tendinitis in my left knee is starting to feel a bit better. I’m thankful for Brehan for sticking needles in me. It helped out a ton. Still no riding though. But I’m in some serious need.

I’m missing that saddle time. That time to myself. Jeremy Dunn posted something from the Guardian about evil deeds coming about from a lack of empathy. He said he has to ride his bike or he’ll “murder some fools”. I can’t help but feel the same way. Though from time to time the bike makes me want to kill a fool. That fool could be me.

I don’t mean that in the literal way, but that I’m so tired of myself. Of the noisy time (maybe I should just turn the radio off). Time on the bike is quiet time. There is a meditative state that comes about from being on the bike. Getting lost in the pedal pedal pedal. The repetitive motion of spinning those pedals around. The same repetitive motion that has me sitting in this chair instead of getting out and training. Getting out and having that quiet time. This is where most of my story ideas come from and I’m getting a bit better at holding on to them, though the majority of them float off and get lost in the motion of pushing those pedals around their chromoly spindles.

Why is that? What is it about spinning those cranks. Working on smoothing out the pedal stroke, pulling back and up to the top of the before pushing down. Spin, Spin spin, spin, spin spi, sp, s. Then nothing. My mind is lost to scanning the streets, checking for cars and road debris. Then the stories start to percolate back up. I keep trying to repeat one phrase over and over again. Trying desperately to hang on to the good bits. Then they get lost again when you come back to reality. Either by reaching a decision point, or having to check back for cars. “Is it ok to cross?”

I can hope that whatever ideas I was turning over come back, but that rarely happens. What is revealed is the inadequacies of my pedal mechanics. The fact that my right leg is more developed than the left. The right holds all the power. Another reason for why I’m sitting here with a heat sock on my knee. Cold then Hot. Constrict the blood vessels then open them back up. Push the pedals down and pull them back up.


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