Right now my desk is a mess. To the right of my laptop is my phone, Bill Strickland’s Ten Points below issue 2 of Peloton magaizne and Maffetone’s Endurance Training Bible. To the left are is my open journal, used in the service of Monday’s blog post. Below that is the third draft of a piece I submitted and a book claiming to teach me JavaScript in 24 hours. I’ve had it for three weeks and I still don’t know it, though I’m only on hour six. All that means is that I can make a clock appear on the screen with a date stamp. I can do that in Pacific and GMT. Someday I’ll put those skills to use. There’s another, older journal (summer 2006) with its corner sticking out. I’m not sure what I was writing about that day.

Beyond that is my helmet, with my new favorite hat stuffed inside of it. Next to that are a pair of arm warmers resting a top a two books. One a book on Road Bike Maintenance, the other about race tactics. Moving clockwise around the computer is the first draft of the previously mentioned piece with a bill on top of it. I’m not really sure what’s behind my screen. It’s probably important, but hopefully not. When I finally get around to cleaning this place up I’ll find out for sure.

Just to the right of the screen, but far enough back that I would have to lean forward to get it is a old (but thankfully cleaned out) glass jar of Adam’s Peanut butter with probably five dollars in change in it. It sits with a slight tilt to the right. There’s something under it. I’ll find out what it is tomorrow when I plunder the jar for bus fair.  Touching that is an empty beer bottle. Don’t worry I drank it earlier and its now empty. I’m not drinking while writing. That’s dangerous and I might say something I regret.

Taking up the remainder of real estate between those land marks and the stack of books/magazine is my Garmin 500 with the Heart Rate strap, a pair of nail clippers, two sets of ear buds, a level, some amber colored sunglass lenses and ticket stub from the last time Josh Ritter was in town.

All the way in the back corner, this being a tri corner desk shoved into a corner, is a lamp from ikea. It illuminates the keyboard day and night.

The keyboard tray catches most of the spare junk. The things I use to distract myself when I’m trying to write something that my ego is trying to hide from.  It contains issues five and six of Embrocation Cycling Journal, a small moleskin, a supplement book from Procycling magazine and an under utilized 8 1/2 x 11 spiral bound notebook. Just waiting to for its purpose to be fulfilled.

This is where I spend my days when I’m not riding, or eating.  I do most of that at the table. This is where I sit to write these little ramblings. Where I look for that ever elusive “real job”, where I keep tunning my resume with the hopes of getting one of those “real jobs”. The chair, also from Ikea,has a homemade cushion crafted by The Lady. The chair is much more comfortable now.  Which is good because this is where I plan to sit when I get that job that no one will ever consider a real job. Writing these little ramblings.

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