Race School: PIR Tuesday #2

I didn’t place that much higher, actually I may have done worse. That’s the honest truth. There are kids out there who are half (or more) my age. I don’t have a lot high end, and my match book is looking like it spent the night in a puddle. These things are true.

What is also true is that I raced much smarter this week, and actually finished with the pack. Crit goal number one accomplished. Now on to the next step. Placing in the top fifteen.

I feel good about how I raced. I actually had a teammate in this race and Craig, I am grateful for your wheel. Things might have been different had I positioned my self a bit better on that last lap.

Now, on to the meat.

Last week, I mounted a wild and ill timed attack at the end of the first lap. I didn’t do that this week. Instead I waited till the last lap. It was still doomed.

Second lap found me in a short lived break. I happened to be in the right place when the magic happened. As the pack swallowed us I thought I was doomed to relive the horror of last week. What saved me this time is that I’m learning how to actually get on someone’s wheel. I don’t have it down solid yet

Another thing that needs to come together is positioning. Tonight it felt like I was constantly in the wrong spot. I was either catching too much wind, or was getting squeezed on the turns.

On the last lap one rider went way off the front. I think he may have been sandbagging for training (Just a thought, since he immediately jumped into the 1/2 field. ) At the time I was near the end of the pack, grabbing a drink and getting ready to go hard.

This time I came into the back section to the inside of the group and had a free trip to the front. I started to hammer, which I perceive as being different than jumping, and soon found myself at the front pulling in the guy off the front. Sadly I dragged the rest of the peloton behind me. This put me in the position of leading out the faster, smarter guys in the group and thus was blown away in the sprint. I’ll get those juniors next time.

The big lesson from yesterday’s hammer fest came after I got home and looked at the data. My max heart rate was only 180. I can, and should be digging much deeper. There is no excuse for that. Its supposed to hurt, and you are not supposed to give in.

When I first started working on my muscular endurance I didn’t think I could hold a speed over 20 mph. Then one day I held my intervals at 22 mph. 20 miles an hour was a mental construct.

Tonight my max speed was 32.5 mph. If I hit that and didn’t go over my LT then we can assume that my “inability” to sprint, or place well in a race that doesn’t suit me is also a prison of my own making. The mind is primary. I need to remember the lessons I learned in my time with Mr Frieh.

You can’t out perform your own self image. Period.

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