Training in the Rain.

Rain is a fact of life here in Portland. If you aren’t willing to get out there and get wet your either going to be super weak when race season comes around, or your going to drive yourself and any of your house mates crazy by spinning to no where. Personally I’m closer to the crazy end of spectrum and while I hate it when my feet are soaked and sloshing around in my shoes I like hanging on to whatever sanity I have left. It’s for the best.

I told a friend yesterday that, while it sucks, there is something that brings a smile to my face after a rain soaked ride. I know that hard intervals, and long slow rides and a heavy dose of recovery practices will make me fitter. Or:

Fitness=Recovery + Smart work

What isn’t in the above equation is the mental side. How one gets the gains the desperately needed mental gumption to go hard when it hurts. I don’t know about you, but for me the rain helps deliver that in spades.

Today was no different. The work out was hard, the rain sucked and I was soaked. What kept me going was knowing what I was gaining mentally. That adding this bit of spice to my workout was exponentially increasing my gains. During these rides I’m buoyed by the hope that some where, someone I’m going to be competing against is sitting at home waiting for it to stop raining, which might not ever happen, or is boring themselves to tears on the trainer at home. While I’m out there getting stronger. It may be wishful thinking, but it helps. And when that doesn’t work? I think about how Philippe Gilbert isn’t afraid of the rain, and neither should I.

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