Busting the Weak Links.

After a week off, and some thinking I’m feeling reinvigorated and I’m ready to get out there and hurt, with the hopes of crushing during my next peak of the season. In order to do that I need to start targeting the weak links in my training/life. In the end I think that my life is defined by these weak links and my ability to tackle those weaknesses. I think this applies to everybody, but others are not as pessimistic as myself so I’ll leave it up to the read to decide what defines their lives.

I’ve (wisely) decided to not spray about my goals any more. This is hard for me, since I always seem more than willing to tell everyone what I’m working on (This is MY blog after all!), but really, no one cares. More importantly, our minds have a way of saying “Well you declared it out loud, there for it is done.” That (for me anyways) lays the foundation for the mental gymnastics to begin. However I am more than willing to talk about what needs work.

I won’t go into a ton of detail and I’ll leave the messy bits of my life out (those are for my stories).

  1. DIET DIET DIET DIET!!!!: My diet leaves a lot to be desired, which is why I didn’t get to anywhere near my racing weight. Yes I quit sweets, but that doesn’t matter if you’re still over eating. Just because its good for you doesn’t mean you need to double dip. No more seconds! And still, No sweets.
  2. Sprint: My sprint … doesn’t so much suck, as much as its non-existent.
  3. My ability to go above threshold. I did (or rather attempted) anaerobic intervals yesterday. By the third interval I could no longer hit the required intensity. Could be because the wind sucked, could be because I was hurting. Either way I couldn’t get it. Good thing that was the last interval.

I know there are more (perhaps a lot more!) But they aren’t coming to me and I’m becoming increasingly distracted, so it’s time to run. See you on Friday.


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