Racing School: Piece of Cake Road Race.

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Yesterday was the Cake race. My first A race, of my first road season. It was hard, there was lots of gravel, there is a screwed rear wheel, there was mud in my mouth and a lost pair of sun glasses. There was rain, and hail, as well as some wonky Cat 5 echelons (a type of pace line for handling a cross wind), however I was impressed that we were able to get one together in the first place. Big props to the guy who kept us organized. All that being said, it was AWSOME!!! I love it! It hurt, sometime it hurt a lot, but I like that type of fun.

For the most part our group of five worked well together. At one point it took us a while to adjust to the fact that the wind direction switched. I think this is the point where the break made the most time. Number one and two came in five minutes ahead of our group. How they were able to do that I have no idea. One thing I do have to say is that most of the guys would sit at the front until they were hammered before pulling through. This slowed us down as well.

Each of my pulls were about a minute. For the stronger/smarter ones in our group this was normal, the others would would do two, almost three minutes. When it came time for the sprint those guys were hammered.

With about two miles left to go the team work stopped, and a few others joined us and everyone was trying to get into position for the sprint. When the time came I jumped a bit early, my rear wheel was rubbing (despite that fact that someone opened my brake up all the way)and I started running out of gas.  There was some bumping, actually a lot of bumping, but we managed to stay up right. The guy who edged me out at the line was so low that he was practically resting his chin on his stem.

I didn’t win, I didn’t get my cake, but I raced the best race I could, and learned a lot more about racing my bike. All of which is going to help me get on that damn podium.


2 thoughts on “Racing School: Piece of Cake Road Race.

  1. If you’re here for the hard, then it’s better that you didn’t win your first race. Put in your time, learn your lessons- getting smarter because you were more concerned about learning to race than winning the race (which will put you on the podium more often in the future). When you stand on the podium you will have earned it, and I have no doubt you’ll be standing there soon.

    1. You’re right. The reason I do this, the reason I climbed (or should I say “we” since I’m sure you’re looking for the same thing) is to learn more about myself. To forge myself into the person I think I can be. The lessons I’ve learned so far this season are not only making me a better racer, but a better person. I’m not saying I’m suddenly a more compassionate person, or less of an asshole sometimes. But I am learning what it takes to go after what you want. There will be more words and thoughts on this subject later this week.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

      ps. I’m happy to see you made the leap and left the desk job. I know it was something you’ve been considering doing for some time. Good luck on your journey.

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