Racing School: Willamette Capitol Cup Criterium.

25th out of 34

First off, Crits hurt. A lot.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way we can get down to business. Saturday’s race made two things remarkably clear to me.

  1. I need to learn how to work on my own bike. Period. I had some…shall we say mechanical issues. These could have been easily remedied if I was able to do basic repairs on my own. This is a huge gap in knowledge and needs to be fixed.
  2. The upper end of fitness sucks, and needs to be sharpened.

Number One: Once I finished the race I was talking to the lady and my teammate Cliff, I tried to push my bike forward to move back toward the car. The bike stopped. Apparently the rear brake had shifted to the point where the right side pad was in constant contact with the rim. Who knows if this happened during the race, or if it was one of the causes leading my legs feeling heavy during the warm up. One top of that the wheel is not any  where near true. Note to self, just because the wheel is new, doesn’t mean the wheel is true. You can quote that very Don King eusqe line.

Number two: I have a huge, HUGE, base. One could think of those base miles as the forging of your race knife. The speed work done during the later part of the training cycle is what sharpens that blade. My blade is a bit dull.

It angers me to admit it, but I’ve let myself down by not doing enough of that work. Its hard for me and there for I should be engaging it a bit more. I’ve been shirking that work and my capabilities that the high end of the spectrum show it. I’ve let myself down, but I will pick up the pieces and get back to the work that needs to be done.

In thinking about it I realize that I’m not really as aggressive as I need to be. In the few races I’ve done I haven’t fought hard enough for my position. I’ve been at the front, I’ve been in a break, I’ve where I’m supposed to be (near the front), but I haven’t fought hard enough to stick there. Also on the aggressiveness train of thought, I need to put in some attacks. I know from my training that I have the power numbers to do some damage, but I haven’t applied it to the race. I can benefit from some panache.

This was also my first ride on the new bike. It’s much more responsive than the old one and a bit more my size. I’m grateful for the fit that I got from my teammate Eddie, but I think I need to embrace the big drop and get a bit lower. As you’ll be able to tell from the pictures below, I’m catching a lot of wind.

I promised some pictures, so here they are courtesy of The Lady:

Not Low Enough!!
This guy and I got spit out the back at the same moment. We spent the rest the race trading pulls
Inspite of it all I still put in a hard effort at the end. I went a bit too soon and got passed coming into the line.


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