A Good Bag…

…Is hard to find.

My love/obsession with ways of carrying things without having to use my hands is so well documented that I can’t possibly link back to them. Suffice it to say, I had a bag problem.

Since I retired my Cilogear 30L I’ve been on quest for a decent bike bag. I purchased (traded really) an Otleib messenger backpack, but that bag was plagued with bad design and hard plastic piece that couldn’t be removed. I returned that and picked up an REI brand Novara backpack. Given that it was REI’s house brand it wasn’t all that bad. It held a ton and fit pretty while stuffed during those early morning training miles. However, after a couple weeks of use the threads started to rip out. I guess it wasn’t as capable of handling the things I need for my day.

Given all of that, Sunday found me back at REI (and several other places) exchanging their bag for an oldie, but goodie. And at least here in Stumptown the bag has lost some of its popularity, mostly because they want a bag that looks more like what the messengers are using (note, I haven’t seen a single messenger here in PDX using a chrome bag, just saying).

While not ideal, it will get the job done. Plus I managed to squeeze a ton of stuff into the medium the other night and ride home. I prefer a backpack style bag, but we work with what we can. It feels like I’m asking for too much, or maybe (which maybe more accurate) I’m being too cheap.

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