The look of things.

This is the second day in a row of no work, which I’m more than slightly irritated about, but I’ll have to save that for this Sunday’s Banana Belt race. It’s going to be wet one, but I’m still going to have to lay off of the brakes and do my Phillipe Gilbert impression and go for it on wet shitty roads. Sounds a lot like all those base miles I logged.

Taken from

Moving along from racing, rain and lack of earned pay and on to the look of things around these parts of the internet.

I would like to point your attention to the right side of the screen (unless of course you read these pages in the safe confines of your RSS reader). There you will notice that there are some new links. They are organized as such.

  • Blogroll
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Peeps, though I should probably change this to “friends” as I am not cool enough to pull off “peeps”.

All of those seem to be pretty self explanatory right? If not here is a quick run down.

Blogroll consists of a few of the blogs I read on regular basis. By regular I mean that I check my RSS feed constantly to see if they updated. They have been important to bike re-education.

Motivation and Inpiration: Are sites that make me either want to get out and ride my bike for sheer joy of it, train my ass off, or write my ass off. Some of those provide all three at once. I’ll leave it to you to check them out and witness their amazingness for yourself.

Peeps: Are last, but certainly not least. These are friends who also blog. Some on a much more regular basis than yours truly. If you aren’t one of them I suggest that you check them out yourself. Spread the love I say.

Aside from that I’m totally tired of the banner at the top of the screen and the total lack of photographs here. If I’m tired of it, than you must be as well, and I apologize. I’ll try harder to get sneak some (more) pics in there.  The lady has been kind enough to take some pictures while she lovingly stands around waiting for me to finish my silly attempts at racing. I should use some of those. But until the next Race School post I’ll leave you with this pic of my current workspace. Note the empty cup of coffee.

I love the Love Cup.

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