This morning I woke up realizing that I was on the fast track to hang over. Knowing that my race was canceled today I put down a bottle of wine by my onesies. I sipped glasses poured from various bottles , but they were all whites so the damage wasn’t too bad. But the hangover isn’t the story here. The story here is that the Spring racing season is off to a start and today’s Omloop delivered the racing goods.

Here’s a highlight:

To me, the magic starts around the 3:10 mark when Juan Antonio Flecha tires of the shinanagins of the main group and breaks free to chase down the eventual winner Sebastian Langeveld.

When Flecha started to chase he had to make up a gap of over a minute. He rode hard. Rode his ass off in fact. Made the chase and caught Langeveld with 16K to go (just under 10 miles for those who are metricly challenged, like me). Oh yeah. He closed that gap ALONE!!!

The fact that Laneveld beat him (by only a few centimeters) is beyond the point. Flecha knew what he had to do if he was going to have a chance and he did it. We should all admire the commitment that took. Something I wish I demonstrated myself.  It took a ton of courage and self knowledge to bridge that gap.

Hats off to you Sir! Photo Bart Hazen

Tomorrow is Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne and I plan on waking up and watching even more hot Belgium racing action.

Color me stoked!


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