But I’m not PRO… (part 1)

While in Grass Valley last weekend I went into a lovely book store and picked up the only cycling book that wasn’t about Lance Armstrong. Which, surprisingly was Bradley Wiggins’ autobiography. While it’s an easy read, manages to skip most of the important details (To be fair I’m not done with it, but I’m pretty sure his writing style isn’t going to change half way through.), it does contain this wonderful nugget of wisdom.

…-If you put individuals on a pedestal you are saying that you can’t emulate them and you are also giving yourself a get-out clause and excuse for failure. Only ‘special people’ with “God given” talent or extraordinary capabilities can “achieve” such things  That is nonsense. We can all achieve if the motivation and mindset is right.

Baamm! Take that knowledge. That’s kind of a long quote so I’ll leave you with that. Think of this as required reading for Friday’s post.

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