Four Days

Four days. That’s the number of days since I’ve trained. Thursday night I dropped the bike off at the shop to get that stupid stump that resided atop my steer tube. This is the longest I’ve taken off since I received an ass kicking on Mt. Rainer. Those four days we’re anything but voluntary and I became so stir-crazy that my only recourse was to gimp around the house, careful to not touch my toes to the floor. I have a problem. I’m willing to admit that.

Some of my more¬†experienced teammates believed with such conviction that I take a few days I feared they would leave me standing outside Burnside Brewing without my bike. So with their superior knowledge the lady I shuttled off toward Grass Valley CA for the weekend.Given the fact that I have a complex (see the “I have a problem statement above”) I think I did alright.

Normally a day off for me means I spend the day sweeting my caloric intake and worrying about whether not someone (anyone) I’ll be competing against is out training that day. That same mentality is what gets me outside when the weather sucks. I know most of you will wonder why it matters so much. After all I’m not PRO, what little money is on the table will go nowhere to making up for all the money I’ve spent on my bike.

I know that I needed the time off. I’ve been skipping workouts, which is a sure sign that maybe your getting a bit burned out. But after four days (tomorrow, my traditional day off, will be the 4th day) I’m ready to jump back in and get at it.

Six more days till Race #1.

A bunch of meaningless numbers, documenting the work that has been done up to this point. It speaks nothing about the transformation which has taken place in my mind and my body.

Time: 177:42:55 h:m:s
Distance: 2,701.39 mi
Avg Speed: 15.2 mph
Avg HR: 138 bpm
Calories: 98,112 C
Avg Distance: 22.89 mi

* These number are missing all the training done between the 11-September-2010 to 9-October-2010


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