Dissonant Recollections.

A lot of people I respect LOVE punk and hardcore music and while I have some favorites I can say that for the most part I don’t get it.

If you follow this blog at all you know that I’m no stranger to the darker/aggressive  stuff. What I did get, at least on some level was Jazz and I could only ever call “new” music. In the likes Ornette Colman, Later John Coltrane, Bill Frizell, and John Zorn I found every thing I was looking for. I found a music that at once fractured, angry, and beautifully melodic, if you knew how to listen.

All of those descriptors matched my head space perfectly. I haven’t listened to that music in years. I should be diving into music that was written…I don’t know… with in the last couple years but now I want nothing more to dive back into sweet stabs of dissonance and fractured melodies.


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