Rituals part 3

Left shoe first.
Click, click, click down the strap and stretch neoprene over and around the back.
Pull the velcro tight then pat.

Right shoe second.
Click, click, click, stretch and pull tight. Pat

Clickclickclickclickclick of the freewheel rolling out the door then nothing.
Both wheels spinning unencumbered by friction of rubber on blacktop

Right foot, click. Left foot push and click.
BEEP! Press start.
Front wheel off the curb followed by the back wheel.


Three scoops, start the water.
Boil, dump one cup oats, a handful of cranberries turn the stove down
Check email, hear the alarm, grind the beans and empty into press

“Good morning!” Bathroom door clicks shut.
Stir oatmeal, eat a handful of cranberries, stir the oatmeal
Wander aimlessley, grab bowls, stop the whistling, let the water cool.
Pour water over ground and stir with the handle of the wooden spoon.
Stamp on lid, grab cups, spoon out peanut butter, rest metal spoons.
Severe oatmeal drink coffee and  digest vitamins chased with water.


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