These Things are Cool…

As promised yesterday (notice the follow through) here is a post titled These things are cool…These other things suck. I have compiled a comprehensive list of things I’ve been digging lately and a list of things I most certainly have not been digging.  I’ve even procured some pictures, of varying quality, to show you the exact things I’m talking about. So here it is. These things are cool….These other things suck.

Thing that is cool #1: Embrocation Cycling Journal.

The Lady doesn't want me to make getting this a habit.

Not just cool, but F’IN’ GREAT! Good writing, gorgeous, photography and landscaped. and totally indy, as far as I can tell. All of that equals awsomeness. Wish I knew more about how this project came about, but I’m pretty sure that Mr. Dunn (along with Portland’s other pundits) think I’m annoying so I’l just let it go.

It’s not quiet published on a schedule, so maybe I can swing its (well worth it) price tag. I file this under “I need it because I need to be reading good stuff.”, which makes it easier for me to justify the cost.

Thing that sucks #1: Road Rash

Not the best way to start your work day.

I collected this bad boy one Friday morning while trying to get my training ride in before work. I went down, it sucked. I knew the crash wasn’t bad because time didn’t slow down. My bibs didn’t get torn, so I thought I was ok. Until I got to work that is. That was just a little over a week ago. Which leads me to Things that are Cool #2!

Things that are cool #2: The body’s ability to heal.

Much better

I could talk about my love of picking scabs, but I’ll keep that to myself.

Thing that sucks #2: Poor Bag Design.

I got a new bag not to long ago. I’m not a big fan and I don’t understand how these things can be so damn popular. It dosen’t glue it’s self to your back like a good bag does. That coupled with it’s lack of a contrasting fabric on the inside it is damn near impossible to to find something inside of it without mounting a massive expedition. This bag fails big time.

Thing that is cool #3: Rapha Knitted hat.

Sorry for the emo pick. Couldn't get a good one with the hat off.

Belgian style, good craftsmanship and warm ears make this bad boy pretty damn sweet. Of course it being Rapha it is a bit expensive. But damn is it nice. One thing I like about the few Rapha products I’ve been able to touch is the tag on the inside that give you friendly messages. Like how to wash your hat, good to know. Just in cases.

Instructions for wash, just in cases

Thing that is cool #4: Octopus Socks!

These speak for themselves. Nothing else to say here.

Thing that is cool #5


White bar tape. Some call it PRO. I call it PIMP.


Damn, I thought I’d have more things that suck. If I could only come up with the two above then I think things can’t be all that bad. Also I’ve become increasingly distracted by the internets, as well as the dirty dishes that need to be washed before I can get to sleep.

2 thoughts on “These Things are Cool…

  1. White bar tape is tooootally PIMP! Although mine got all gross looking pretty quickly (it is black & white)…but that may have been from Zach using it.

    Nothing more to say about Octopus socks except AWESOME AND WHERE DID YOU GET THEM?!

    1. Lindsey, I got the Octopus socks at New Seasons. They are made by Sock it to Me. White bar tape is a bit hard to keep clean. But it can be done with a brush, some soap and bit of elbow grease.

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