I’ve been putting off writing, so much so that I’ve been sitting here for a close to five minutes amazed at the fact that my ear lobes are two different sizes. I declared my findings to the lady. Her response was ” Is that what your blog is about?”. Point taken. Here is today’s post (after the jump). We’ve reached the point in the season where the rest of my teammates are starting to get out for their base miles. It’s been great to 1) actually ride with and talk to someone other than myself. Much better for my mental health and 2) to spend time with some great people. This weekend its seemed to started up in earnest. Yesterday was 59 miles and today was 69, going out to Crown Point and back. This trip out to the gorge was magnitudes better than mine and Cliffs last trip out there.

I haven’t really trained with anyone since I stopped going to the Freih Sessions back in September. I actually can’t believe that it was that long ago. I look (at least to me) much different. My body feels much different and has made huge gains in making a bicycle go. It’s more than my body remembering at this point. I’m slowly building more engrams. That’s a good thing.

That’s all I’ve got for now. My legs are beat. I’m tired and I’ve got some fancy new Journals to read. Tomorrow’s post? “These things are cool, and These things suck”


1 thought on “Company.

  1. Hahaha – that is totally something I would blog about: my earlobes being different sizes. In fact, I may draft an entire post dedicated to the lopsided-ness of my entire body. Thanks Bob!

    p.s. Seriously? How can you tell that they are different sizes? It would have to be a substantial difference, right? Did I ever tell you about my Aunt Glenda’s man hand?!

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