Refilling the tank

That was a rough couple of days. I’ve been cheating and not using my lunch breaks for my personal writing. Nor have I been reading all that much lately, which is sad. Heartbreaking actually. I’m waiting for some super nerdy (I mean totally amazing) bike magazines. Magazines doesn’t quiet describe what they are more like publications.  I’m starting to fall off the point.

The point is that if I’m doing those things (writing and reading) than it becomes exceedingly difficult to write. My last post started as a rant. Well it was going to be a story, but it had potential to become a rant, and I don’t want to rant here anymore. In person, sure I’ll rant. Here, I’m trying to back up off of those kinds of posts.

I’ve written before about how I think physical training is a lot like doing creative work. In that sense you use it or lose it. If I’m not constantly flexing and working that muscle than it falls apart in a glorious way. Also, my work space is a goddamn mess, and that makes it hard to work. In fact its such a mess that I can’t find the memory card for my camera to demonstrate how messy it is.

I have gotten some writing time in and I’ve got somethings queued up. I just have to put my ass in the chair and my put my fingers on the keyboard. Train those writing muscles.

In other news there is only FIVE weeks till the first race of the season! Stoked!

1 thought on “Refilling the tank

  1. Ranting in person is way more fun than ranting on a blog because most likely when ranting in person you are ranting to your friends but the interwebs are one big country of I JUDGE YOU. Also, ranting in person to your friends is a great opportunity to be funny, to make fun of yourself…and that actually helps me process whatever I am ranting about it. The internet just doesn’t get it.

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