You Can Always Go Deeper

As human (or at least I fall into this trap) that if we can just fix that one little we perceive to be wrong than every thing will be perfect. We tell ourselves that if we could only spend less, eat few sweets, watch a little less tv, but that one thing we really want, then all of our troubles will melt away and BAM we’ll have everything we’ve ever want. All the while knowing that this line of reasoning is as valid as that creationist “museum” (its not a link to the actual “museum” so its safe to look at) is in Kentucky. Not a whole lotta validity there huh?

The above being said I think that if we work on changing those things we think are holding us back we’ll (or at least I do) that taking that measure only gets us part of the way there. If our attempts to change that first thing are successful then we can head to the next task knowing that we have the will power to be successful there as well.

A couple of weeks I go I wrote about how temped I am by sweets. You’ll also recall that I have been denying myself of their lovely tastes until a particular race comes around. I’m proud (and astonished) to report that I have felt almost ZERO temptation and you know what!? My weight hasn’t shifted a single f-ing POUND! That’s ok though because in general I feel much better than I did when I was eating that type of shit all the time.

Knowing that this sweets siesta hasn’t changed the amount of water I displace when I get in the bath tub I could just say screw it and go back to enjoying chocolate again. That however would be wrong, and wouldn’t get me any closer to reaching my any of my goals. Nor would it help myself worth.

Having proven to myself that I’m capable of successfully completing one step, it’s time to move on to the next one. And that’s making sure I’m creating a caloric deficit each and everyday…as well as making sure that each meal does NOT exceed 500 calories.  That right there is my biggest problem ( in regards to this subject). A second factor here is making sure that I’m timing my meals correctly and making sure that none of them are two heavy on any one macro-nutrient.

To often I shove more food down my cake hole than one’s body is capable handling at one time. That excess gets stored as fat around my belly and keeps me slow and slow is bad for one who wants to win races.

I’ve stated my intention to not only eat right, but to actually eat less. That’s a good start, but I need to keep this very important mathematical equation in mind.

Talk – Action = ZERO


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