Farewell my friend.

For over a year and a half I have had a near constant companion. This beloved friend has been with me for many a bus ride, was with me at the top of Oregon. Accompanied me on a very fast decent in the North Cascades. This friend also endured hours of torturous abuse, was torn asunder by by an ice screw and was dragged up many a pitch at Rocky Butte. All the while it quietly endured and never faltered. Even though I’ve removed it’s head multiple times it has stuck with me though thick and thin. That’s what makes today a sad day. Today is the day I retire my belove Cilogear 30L Worksack.

It’s not the fault of the bag really. Actually it’s my fault. I’m the one who dealt out the abuses listed above. I’m the one who has punched countless holes through it’s sweet fabric. The tear in the left side occurred because I carelessly stuffed it with a rack full of ice screws. I dragged up all those pitches at Rocky Butte. But in my defense this was the its job. The thing it was made for. If one can have feelings of love toward an inanimate object then I love this bag.However the time has come to say goodbye. I can no longer trust it to keep my stuff dry. It’s black interior is lit by a multitude of outside lights.

No words can describe what this bag means to me. So I’ll stop here.

Tonight I took advantage of REI’s very very liberal return policy and got myself a bag of much lesser quality. One day, when I’m no longer a temp, I’ll be able to afford new bag from the maker of the worlds most significant packs. Till then what I got will do.

Good bye dear friend

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