Rituals. part 1

I don’t know what the hell I’m going to write about today. I didn’t know yesterday, but things just kinda happened and then BAMM! There was a blog post. I’ve got something I’m working on, but it’s still super rough (I’m trying to raise the standard here), it’s just going to have to wait until it’s up to snuff.

This morning I had a mind to write a post about ritual since it came up in a very round about way yesterday when I referred to the “dark days of my Christian faith”. I thought of of while my daily oatmeal was cooking and I was waiting for the water to warm to just south of a boil so  I could get my morning infusion of fuel, by which I mean coffee.  I dorked around for a moment trying to set up a good shot of the ritualistic paraphernalia and in the process let a bit too much water boil out of my oat meal. I like it kinda wet, the oatmeal that is. However, I did get the shot at the expense of the general level of oatmeal tastiness.


I left this post to do my ride this last night. Which means that I missed yesterday (The 4th). That’s fine. Sometimes we have to make a decision. I made mine and so here we are. Its quarter after seven on Wednesday morning and I need to get ready for work. More tomorrow. Here is the picture that ruined my oatmeal.

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