Sweet Temptations

This post a day thing is already getting hard and its only the third day. Though if you look at my wordpress stats they’ll tell you that I missed the 1st of year. However, I would like to note that they are on GMT time and I am more than a handful of hours behind that. So screw them. Now to today’s post.

Today at work my friend Lindsey (in a round about way) asked me if I was having a hard time denying myself sweets. The answer is a resounding NO! I want to win that damn race a lot more than I want some sugary sweet stuff. Much like these cinnamon buns pictured below.

My girlfriends sweet sweet buns
Like the strip club, you can look but you can't touch

I’m actually kinda surprised by this. In the past year alone I’m pretty sure I’ve written “started a sweets siesta” or “I’m eating way too many sweets” in my workout logs at least 10 times(That’s a conservative estimate). And that’s only since October.

My love of all things sweets is well accepted and documented. Growing up Ben Dewey referred to my parents house (a church to all things food really) as “Candy Land”. There you can open up one of several drawers and find it packed with all things sweet. Want a mini Snickers bar? Perhaps a single Reese’s Cup? All you have to do is open the fridge and pull out that middle drawer. There’s enough in there to last you a month. (If you’re wondering why the chocolate is in the fridge you should get a candy bar and stick it in there for a day, then enjoy.) Want some other kind of sugary goodness? Just break into that cabinet thingy right by the entrance to the dining room. As you can see this obsession runs deep. I’ve tried to quit in the past. Really I have. In the end my will was over run faster than a fort made out of pillows and blankets.

That’s the reason this is such a great goal for me. Like I said a few days ago, a goal should stretch you. Even though I’ve been greeted with success so far the time will soon come when I’m tempted. Keep in mind I’ve given myself one cheat day between now and then. After all I do have two special days coming up in the next couple months on which I should share a sweet with my lady.

The real reason I’m doing this is because I need to cut weight to race the way I want to race. That and the effect of sugar on your performance and health. Infact there is even a website/DVD that proposes that excess sweets is much like calling it a day and leaping off a bridge(Note: I haven’t actually watched this video yet, as my computer has no sound.).

This particular Snickers saved me from a Bonk while I was a long way off from home.

For the moment my desire to succeed at a some stupid bike race is far out weighting the transitory sensation of a lovely snickers bar, or if you’re a stickler, a milkshake from Moonstruck.

Actually it goes much deeper than that. Throughout my long life (its not the year, but the mileage) I’ve gone through several phases. Or what one could call “wild flights of passion” They include bouts of furious writing (I tried to write a book my freshman year of high school, but that’s a story for another time), the dark ages of my Christan “faith” (We’ll get there soon), playing guitar, writing music, linguistic anthropology, riding bikes, climbing and back to riding bikes (and writing!). I’m sure that’s just a small sample of things I was really passionate about.  All of which have failed due to a lack of follow through. This has dogged me my whole life and I’m hoping to change that starting now, because its a bit late to fix your life when you’re dead. I’d hate my passing thoughts to center around the fact that I’ve wasted my life.

If I can follow through with this it almost won’t matter to me if I actually win the stupid race. What I will get out of it is that I actually made a sacrifice to get what I want. The mental boost from that will pay dividends in the long run, and will be sweeter than any piece of cake.

But don’t let that last sentence make you think that I’m not going to do my damnedest to win that slice of cake.

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