Goal Mapping

What you see above are just some of my goals for the next year (a (hu)man needs to keep somethings secret). Now I just need to print this out and put it some place (every place) where I can see them. A constant reminder if you will.

Yesterday Grit and Glimmer had a post about this very thing. To quickly paraphrase the post Ms. Snarkypants calls bullshit on setting resolutions (you should still go read the post after you’re done here). In the post she linked to an article about Fabian Cancellara where he describes the act of going after your goals as a “fight”.  That’s what it is, a fight.Achieving the things in the picture will be fucking hard and thats how it should be. Goals are supposed to stretch you. Working toward these goals will most definitely stretch me.

All of these goals are linked by one component: WILLPOWER. Something I seriously lack. My hope isn’t to just achieve these goals, but to bring my life a bit closer to where I want it to be.

So many times I set goals for myself and they quickly fall apart (remember that rapha 500 thing?). I’m fucking tired of falling short of my potential. That shit ends now!

For those who don’t want to pluck through the wonderfully bad (I hope) art work here they are:

  1. Save up and keep @ least 3 months rent in the bank
  2. WIN the Piece of Cake Race. That’s right I want to win that fucker. Cake will be mine (I’m giving up sweets and beer from Jan 1 till the race (March 27 to put a little bit of fire in my belly. Those who know me know how hard this is going to be for me.)
  3. Sell two pieces of writing.
  4. Upgrade to CAT 3 (that’s 30 points!)
  6. In that vein I’m signing up for the wordpress post a day challenge.

One of the pillars (hallmarks) of successful goal setting is unaccountability.  What that really means is you need to find someone who is going to bust your ass (in a loving way of course) and help you stay on track. So who wants to help bust my ass…I mean help me achieve these things. If you’re interested and think you’re up to the task drop a comment and I’ll hook you up with a ways to get in touch with me. Maybe I can help you with some of your goals? I hope everyone of you out there have some big goals for this year.

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