A Mix of Things

Warning: What follows is a mix of things that are on my mind. They are listed in no particular order. Some topics may elicit what could be considered a rant. If, during the course of your reading you find that I am ranting, feel free to skip ahead until the rant stops.  I’ll start with a list, then tackle (or skip) each topic as time and attention span allow. This post could also be classified as “throw a bunch of shit against the wall and see what sticks.  Ready? I sure hope so. Oh, I should also note that I’ve been listening to the “Tupac” channel on Pandora, so there may be some language, or more than usual.

The List:

  1. Congress
  2. The Team
  3. NW Newberry Road
  4. The Poor House
  5. Melee Comics

NW Newberry Road:

I love NW Newberry Road! I love riding down Highway 30 to get to Newberry. It’s two miles of climbing awsomeness and I fucking love it. The first time I rode Newberry I was cruising along HWY 30 with a guy who’s name I’ve since forgotten. I was attempting to ride my  other favorite climb, NW Saltzman, but with all the chatting and wheel sucking I was doing I rode right pass.  It was suggested that I do Newberry instead. I got what I had coming to me. I was in love.

Since that September day I’ve climbed or descended this two miles of pure greatness more times than I can count. I figured that if I wanted to be competitive on a hilly course that I would need to climb Newberry in less than 14 minutes.

I arrived at this conclusion the way one goes about these things. I tested to see how long it took me. My first timed trip took me 14:42. Yesterday I climbed it (at a much brisker pace) in 13:26. I only went over my lactate threshold once and only for a brief moment. I think I can get it close to 12 minutes without either blowing up or losing any gels that may be in my stomach.  The lesson to pull from this is that time and attention pay off. I know that buckling down and losing some of this fat will only make me faster at the high end of my aerobic pace. I’m excited and stoked. These feelings are compounded by the fact that this is the only thing going right in my life at the moment.

Congress Or any elected official in Washington:

These bastards, every single one of them can PISS THE FUCK OFF. Thanks to these incompetent assholes we “regular people” are getting screwed. That’s the bottom line. Between tax cuts for people who make more money than I could possibly imagine and the we won’t work with you mentality I’m just about fed up with everyone on these waste of space airbags. They can all kiss my fucking ass, since their down there screwing this country over.

If the theories about America’s demise come true it will be because of these fucks. I suppose I should thank you for all the “work” you’re doing, but I won’t. I really don’t understand how these people sleep at night.

Guinness Cycling:


Need I say more? Perhaps a little bit. Some how I managed to not only convince them that I should ride wearing their jersey, but that I’m also competent enough to upgrade to Cat 4 this year. Proof of this fate can be witnessed here. We’ll get the “Rob” thing fixed, but I assure you that is me listed as Cat 4/5.

Of course I like this, not because it strokes my ego (ok, maybe that’s one of the reasons), but because it gives me something to prove. Which I like, since I already feel that way.

The Poor House:

Today I did some filing, which lead me to look at my pay stubs. This depressed me greatly. For the month of November I made a whooping $425 dollars. Just enough to cover my rent. But not enough to do things like: pay my phone bill, school loans, or any other bills one like me might have. This shit blows and its starting to affect my sleep. I’ll leave it at that.

Melee Comics:

My good friend Ben Dewey is blowing up! He’s also working on his own projects and you should check them out. Now! MELEE Aside from being one of my closest friends, Ben has become one of my heroes because he’s put the work in and its paying off. He’s making money doing what he loves, and while I’m prone to flights of jealousy, I manage to keep them at bay when it comes to Ben success. I hope to learn from his example.

Whew. I managed to get through that in less than a thousand words and with minimal ranting. At least I hope I did.

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