I just couldn’t leave it alone.

Unlike the rest of Cleveland I did not watch the hour long LeBron James special.  Not because I didn’t care, but because I didn’t know that someone would stoop so low as to have an hour long special about where they’re going to do their job next year.  I just didn’t know it was happening.  I also don’t have a TV or cable to watch such rubbish.   I found out when I logged on to Facebook and saw the dozens of status updates and comments.  Some of which bordered on the absurd.  Like calling for his death.

My first thought was “Goddamn people!” “Stop acting like children!” Upon further research I found that it wasn’t that he left, but how he did it.  That’s when I learned about the hour long special.

The way he went about his business was despicable no doubt.  Why couldn’t he just do a press release like every other professional athlete in the United States?  The answer has to do with the way Cleveland treated James prior to his blatant  display of Ayn Randism.

When you allow someone, especially someone as young as James, to declare themselves “King” you can’t act shocked when they act as such.  Don’t get me wrong, or send me hate mail.  He should know better, but the fact is that he just doesn’t.  Its a generational thing. I know that he’s only five years younger than I am, but in this day and age five years is a long time.

James grew up with a music\culture where the individual is put above all others.  You only have to look as far as the post gangsta rap era to see my point.  The post gangsta era was populated by horrible acts such as the “Cash Money Millionaires” and Master P. However this “look at how awsome I am” philosophy  was espoused by Jay-Z and nearly every other rap act at the time.  Sadly he had no one else to teach him better.

He could have figured this out on his own, or he could have consulted a teammate who could have told him that he was acting like a four year old. Hmmm….who could that be….I don’t know SHAQ!  But believing himself better, believing that his abilities put him above everyone else made him think that he could act this way.

Most big sports stars will disappoint their fan base at some point.  Its inevitable that someone who lives their life in the public arena will eventually do something that shows their humanness.  It’s our job as fans to recognize that and to show our displeasure of their behavior in a better way than people did in Cleveland that night.

LeBron treated all Cleveland fans like children, and Clevelanders acted like children.  You want to be a place that attracts and keeps big name talent.  Then act like it.

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