Pure Extravagance

Tuesday I committed a rare act of kindness.  I was climbing with my new friend Jim at the PRG when I girl and her boyfriend asked if they could steal some chalk from Jim.  They where newbies, but somehow I was filled with joy and gave them my chalk bag.  After a brief discussion I assured them that they could keep it.  I explained that it was hand made by me, and that I wasn’t totally attached to it.  The girl thanked me and headed off to tell her boyfriend.  He looked back at me and I smiled and waved.  As I left they thanked me again and I told them “enjoy”.  I walked out of the gym smiling.  Hard believe it, but I had done something nice and for a short while my cold selfish heart thawed just a bit.

However, this left me without a chalk bag.  I spent my session on Thursday trading back and forth with Jim.  This was a bit annoying, but I managed.  Then I used the fact that I didn’t have a chalk bag to skip my session today.  That and it was raining on and off.  I know lame.  I spent the entire day hemming and hawing. “I don’t want to cut the pattern” “I don’t wanta ….” You know the general type of whining one is prone to do.

Then I realized.  If I don’t want to skip yet ANOTHER session then I’m going to have to make a new chalk bag.  I have various scraps of fabric laying around, including some Dyneema.  This is the stuff Cilogear uses in their award winning worksacks.  I only had thin strips, which I tried to give back to the person who gave them to me, and I was lacking an application for them. So I took four and made what is possibly the worlds most expensive chalk bag.

I now present to you the biggest waste of the most badass fabric in the world

Behold! The Dyneema Chalk Bag. Pure Extravagance!

1 thought on “Pure Extravagance

  1. I’ve always known there is a heart of gold under that armored exterior 🙂

    Indulgence! Ya just gotta do it sometimes.

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