Rest, Restoration, and Fueling the Fire.

This is supposed to be my first hard week since I decided to take a break. Overall this is my second week back climbing and it feels good to be back at it.  Though life has prevented me from getting in as many sessions as I would like, but this may be a good thing.  I have a tendency to over do it, and being forced to go a bit lighter than I would like is probably a good thing.

I needed this time off.  My motivation was shit.  It was hard to admit it, but I was selecting projects based on the wether or not they would give me a good story, not pushing my mental and physical limits.  It wasn’t a good place for me to be.  That bullshit motivation was stripping the fun out of climbing.  I think the roots of this go back further than a couple months.  About a year and half ago climbing went from being fun to “fulfilling my potential.”  While the “fulfilling of potential” is the end goal of any pursuit there is a fine line that gets crossed. I don’t know how to describe it in a way that makes sense to someone who hasn’t crossed that line.  It’s kind of a dangerous place to be.  Though I’m not entirely sure I’ve passed back over to the “good” side of that line, but I am having fun again so I’ll take that as a start.

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